Don’t assume an automatic conviction. Under Canadian law, you are innocent until proven guilty. Proving a person’s guilt in the court room may not be as simple as you might expect. A strictly-followed set of rules and procedures have been set up to govern criminal trials to prevent innocent people from being wrongfully convicted. These rules and procedures exist for your protection.

Whether you’ve been charged with a serious offense, or a smaller violation ticket, our lawyers at Bendig Klassen Raas Coertze have the knowledge and experience to help. Should criminal charges stick, the potential to negatively affect your ability to drive, work, travel and live at liberty exists. It is imperative that you understand and know your rights with so much on the line.

As soon as you become aware of charges you find yourself facing, you must seek out competent legal representation for the scenario you face. Our criminal lawyers offer variable hours, service after-hours to suit your schedule, and can work with you on a fee-schedule.

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Bendig Klassen Raas Coertze may provide representation for the following areas of criminal law:

  • Indictable offences, whether in the Criminal Code or any other Federal Act.
  • Summary conviction offences with a likelihood of imprisonment upon conviction or a likelihood of loss of the means of earning a living upon conviction; and/or extradition act offences.